At Sironix, we aspire to empower surgeons through innovative solutions and patented designs, enabling better clinical outcomes to help patients return to their sports careers and resume active lifestyles. Our Knee and Shoulder Arthroscopy implants are known for their innovative designs and precision deployment which facilitate secure repairs. All our implants are developed in association with Arthroscopic surgeons aimed at addressing the pain points of existing therapies.

Healthium Medtech Limited is a global medtech company focused on products used in surgical, post-surgical and chronic care. One in five surgeries conducted globally uses a Healthium Medtech product. It is India's largest independent medical device company and second-largest company overall, in the surgical consumables market. In the non-captive surgical needles segment, Healthium Medtech is the largest manufacturer globally, by volume. Healthium Medtech is the third-largest company overall in urology collection devices market in the U.K. With a vision to provide access to precision medtech for every patient, globally, the Company has created extensive market access in India covering over 40,000 surgeons across 18,000 hospitals, reaching 90% of all districts in India, which have secondary healthcare facilities. It also is present across 80 countries.

The Company's diverse portfolio includes 52,000 SKUs across Advanced surgery, Urology, Arthroscopy and wound care products. With a strong focus on R & D, the company has 8 high precision, integrated and scaled manufacturing facilities with global certifications and approvals like US FDA, C.E and ISO. Since fiscal year 2018, the company has launched 30 new products including a patented portfolio of arthroscopy products. As on July 31, 2021, the Company had a total of 64 patents in United States,Europe and India including 29 patent applications pending approval.