A soft anchor with patented design provides superior benefits of bone preservation while giving secure fixation

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Constructed of strong Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene (UHMWPE) suture material

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Only suture anchor with sutures(s)/tape(s) variant

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It gives assured centralized deployment of the anchor into pilot hole

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Post deployment, the unique tri-pod bunched up pattern doubles its size, which gives much higher pull out strength

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Deployment Video

Surgeons Video

Dr. Yashavantha Kumar
Recurrent Shoulder Dislocation Problem

Dr. Rohan Vakta
Shoulder Dislocation

Dr. Lokesh Veerappa
Shoulder Dislocation

Dr. Harish Puranik
10 Steps For Successfull Bankart Repair

Dr. Raghu Nagaraj
Recurrent Shoulder Dislocation

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Technique Guide

Available Options

Size : 1.5 mm

Suture Loading : Single Suture

Tape Loading : Single Tape

Size : 1.8 mm

Suture Loading : Double Suture

Tape Loading : Double Tape

Size : 2.5 mm

Suture Loading : Double/Triple Suture

Tape Loading : Double Tape

Ordering Information

Product ID Product Name
S33-1501-S Stativ All Suture Anchor 1.5mm SS
S33-15E1-S Stativ All Suture Anchor 1.5mm ST
S33-1802-S Stativ All Suture Anchor 1.8mm DS
S33-18E2-S Stativ All Suture Anchor 1.8mm DT
S33-2502-S Stativ All Suture Anchor 2.5mm DS
S33-2503-S Stativ All Suture Anchor 2.5mm TS
S33-25E2-S Stativ All Suture Anchor 2.5mm DT


Product ID Product Name
S45-0015-DU 1.5 mm Anchor Drill for Stativ 1.5mm anchor
S45-0018-DU 1.8 mm Anchor Drill for Stativ 1.8mm anchor
S7E-5001-D OrthoDrill
S7E-5002-D Drill Chuck and Key
S7E-5003-D Chuk Key
S7E-5004-D Battery
S7E-5005-D Charging Station
S7E-5006-D Drill Carry Case
S36-0001-T Tissue grasper with Ratchet Straight
S36-0003-T Crochet Hook Straight
S36-0004-T Switching Stick
S36-0005-T Calibrated Probe
S36-0006-T Knot Pusher Full Loop
S36-0007-T Sliding Suture Cutter Straight
S36-0008-T Clever Hook Right
S36-0009-T Clever Hook Left
S36-0010-T Sixter Left
S36-0011-T Sixter Right
S36-0012-T Penetrating Grasper Straight
S36-0013-T Rasp up bend 20 degree
S36-0014-T Tissue Liberator Blade Up
S36-0018-T Tape Cutter
S36-0019-T Suture Manipulator
S36-0020-T Mallet
S36-0023-T Combo Grasper
S36-0024-T Rasp down bend 20 degree
S36-0025-T Tissue Liberator Blade Down
S36-1006-T Tape knot pusher
S45-0075-LU Universal Guiding cannula
S39-0011-T Cannula Introducer (8mm)
S39-0012-T Cannula Introducer (6mm)
S36-3005-T Disposable Lasso 45 Degree Left
S36-3006-T Disposable Lasso 45 Degree Right
S39-3007-T Clean Pass Suture Shuttle