SIRONIX Linear Stapler With Knife

SIRONIX Linear Stapler with Knife is a sterile, single patient use reloadable device. It cuts and staples simultaneously with two rows of staggered staples on either side of the cut line - ‘For single patient use only’

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  • Product code   SLS40GKnife


    Disposable Linear Stapler with Knife

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  • 40mm Staple line length & 4.8mm staple height

    Dedicated to LAR procedures to resect the distal end

    • 18% larger jaw aperture

      Facilitates easy placement on the tissue for precise tissue stapling

      • Long & Narrow Shaft

        Enables better access to confined areas especially the male pelvic region

        • With blade in the reload

          Easier and faster operation

          • Vertical direction for cutting and stapling

            Stapling is prior to cutting to ensure smooth and complete cut on very thick tissue.

            • Straight cut edge and straight staple line

              Well-formed staple line ensuring smooth blood circulation

              • Small head width of 62mm, 40mm cutting line

                Facilitates access and mobility to place the stapler and the tissue just exactly where it is needed