A synergistic combination of unique design, variety of material choices and high strength of UHMWPE suture

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The unique pattern of threads allows easy insertion and provides maximum fixation strength

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The anchors are double or triple loaded with suture(s)/tape(s) to provide the best possible combination for superior repair strength

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The titanium anchor with fully threaded design suitable especially for weak/osteoporotic bone

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Available Options

Size : 4.8 mm

Loading Type : Double Suture & Double Tape

Material Type : BTCP, PEEK & Titanium

Size : 5.5 mm

Loading Type : Double Suture, Double Tape & Triple Suture

Material Type : BTCP, PEEK & Titanium

Ordering Information

Product ID Product Name
S33-4802-B Ceptre Beta TCP Anchor 4.8mm DS
S33-48E2-B Ceptre Beta TCP Anchor 4.8mm DT
S33-4804-B Ceptre Beta TCP Anchor 4.8mm SST
S33-5502-B Ceptre Beta TCP anchor 5.5mm DS
S33-55E2-B Ceptre Beta TCP anchor 5.5mm DT
S33-5504-B Ceptre Beta TCP anchor 5.5mm SST
S33-4802-K Ceptre PEEK Anchor 4.8mm DS
S33-48E2-K Ceptre PEEK Anchor 4.8mm DT
S33-4804-K Ceptre PEEK Anchor 4.8mm SST
S33-5502-K Ceptre PEEK Anchor 5.5mm DS
S33-5503-K Ceptre PEEK Anchor 5.5mm TS
S33-55E2-K Ceptre PEEK Anchor 5.5mm DT
S33-5504-K Ceptre PEEK Anchor 5.5mm SST
S33-4802-M Ceptre Titanium Anchor 4.8mm DS
S33-48E2-M Ceptre Titanium Anchor 4.8mm DT
S33-5502-M Ceptre Titanium Anchor 5.5mm DS
S33-5502-MN Ceptre Titanium Anchor 5.5mm DS with needle
S33-5503-M Ceptre Titanium Anchor 5.5mm TS
S33-55E2-M Ceptre Titanium Anchor 5.5mm DT
S33-6502-M Ceptre Titanium Anchor 6.5mm DS
S33-6503-M Ceptre Titanium Anchor 6.5mm TS
S33-65E2-M Ceptre Titanium Anchor 6.5mm DT


Product ID Product Name
S36-0001-T Tissue grasper with Ratchet Straight
S36-0003-T Crochet Hook Straight
S36-0004-T Switching Stick
S36-0005-T Calibrated Probe
S36-0006-T Knot Pusher Full Loop
S36-0007-T Sliding Suture Cutter Straight
S36-0008-T Clever Hook Right
S36-0009-T Clever Hook Left
S36-0010-T Sixter Left
S36-0011-T Sixter Right
S36-0012-T Penetrating Grasper Straight
S36-0013-T Rasp up bend 20 degree
S36-0014-T Tissue Liberator Blade Up
S36-0018-T Tape Cutter
S36-0019-T Suture Manipulator
S36-0020-T Mallet
S36-0021-T Shoulder Equipment Box-Large
S36-0022-T Shoulder Equipment Set Box-Premium
S36-0023-T Combo Grasper
S36-0024-T Rasp down bend 20 degree
S36-0025-T Tissue Liberator Blade Down
S36-1006-T Tape knot pusher
S36-2000-T R-Suture Passer 17mm Working Length
S39-0011-T Cannula Introducer (8mm)
S39-0012-T Cannula Introducer (6mm)
S39-2001-T SP Needle With Lateral Opening