Imaging System

Native Full HD

Camera Control Unit – S7E – 1001 -T


Standard compliance

Directive compliance

Power connection

Power consumption

Item Number


On-Off, menu, white balance

High defi nition: 2 x DVI (1080p), 2 x HD-SDI (1080i)

2 x 3.5 mm phone jack connectors (to connect recording/printer devices)

2 x 3.5 mm phone jack connectors (to connect a foot control switch)

295 x 100 x 355 mm (W x H x D) / 4.39 kg

IEC 60601-1 2nd and 3rd


100 – 240 V AC, 50/60 Hz

0.8 – 0.4 A

HD Camera Head – S7E – 1002 -T

Camera Head

Small, light weight and ergonomic camera heads with low heat development. Individually programmable and illuminated function keys on camera head and controller.

Safety First

The light source remote control function on the camera head offers brightness that can be adjusted to the best amount of powers needed, avoiding harming the patient or heating up the surgical drape.

Optimized for different applications

Three different camera heads; parfocal zoom, fix local length, angulated 900 optimized settings for different minimal – invasive application. Free programmable illuminated function buttons (hot keys)

HD Arthroscope

Features of Arthroscope:

  • Wide angle, Direct view high definition arthroscope
  • German made
  • High quality optics & superb contrast
  • Outstanding colour reproduction
  • Fully autoclavable
  • Full stainless steel body
  • Light guide insertion on opposite side of the direction of view with a J-lock fixation for cannula
  • Standard ocular window for coupling the camera head
  • Working Legth of not more than 160mm
  • Angle of view: 300 degree Diameter 4.0mm – S7E – 4011 – T

450 degree Diameter 4.0mm – S7E – 4012 – T

700 degree Diameter 4.0mm – S7E – 4013 – T

0 degree Diameter 4.0mm – S7E – 4010 – T

Arthroscope Sheath with S36 – 4017 – T Blunt Obturation

Features and Benefits of Sheath:

  • Arthroscopy Sheath 6.5mm with two rotatable stopcocks – high flow
  • Universal (Compatable with 0, 30, 45 & 70 Degree scope)
  • Coupler – Secure and rapid fixation
  • Sheath barrel
  • Blunt trocar 4.2mm
  • Smooth transition form Obturator to sheath and smooth transition from scope to sheath.

LED Light Source S7E – 4004 – T

Features and Benefits of Sheath:

High-end light source providing natural colors of video of an endoscopic camera. Characterized by a long life of LED emitter and continuous regulation of light intensity.


  • Daylight color temperature (very high Color Rendering Index)
  • Excellent true colors’ projection
  • Clear picture having a positive impact on work comfort and decreasing tiredness during longer surgeries
  • Smooth regulation of light intensivity in the whole range of 1-100%
  • Ultra silent work
  • Economic usage due to low power consumption
  • Long life of LED emitter (min. 50 000 hours of work)
  • Memory of recent settings
  • Esthetic and modern design

Technical Parameters

LED emitter type - Daylight High , Power LED

Number of lumens [lm] - 2650

Light efficiency comparable to - 180W xenon lamp

Power consumption - 95VA / 115VA / 115VA

Color temperature - 5500ºK (± 5%)

Colour Rendering Index - CRI 95

Standard connection / socket - Compatible to other light sources for light guide cable

Life time of emitter - Min. 50.000 hours

Supply voltage - 100-240V AC

Power frequency - 50/60Hz

Safety class - Applied part – type BF

External dimensions - D: 306 mm x W: 330 mm x H: 96 mm

Weight - 6 kg

Intensity adjustment - Manual : electronic 1-100% range, with 1% step

Ambient temperature - During operation: +10°C to +40°C

During storage and transport - -20° C to +45°C

Max. relative humidity - During operation: 70%

During storage and transport - 70%

Light Guide Cables S7E – 4005 – T

Light Guide Cables dedicated to Sironix Endoscopy devices. Made from special fiber bundle to provide efficient transmission of light and the highest number of lumens reaching an endoscope. Fully autoclavable. Two fixed connectors making it easy to connect a light source and an endoscope.

Cable diameter : 3.2/3.5mm – 4.5/4.8mm

Length : 3m – 5m

Sironix LED monitors S7E – 4017 – T

10-bit IPS Panel with LED Backlight Japanese made monitor is fitted with a high brightness IPS panel with wide viewing angle of 178 degrees up/down and left/right. The energy saving LED backlit panel reduces power consumption by 50% compared with the previous model. 12-bit signal processing and 10-bit LCD panel support smooth gradation.

Function Key

For convenient use, a frequently used function can be assigned to the Function key to select instantly.

Flip Function

Images can be flipped horizontally and vertically.

Dynamic Image Contrast Enhancer

By calculating the brightness of the entire screen and extending the dynamic range between white and black in real time, automatically optimized black level and high contrast are achieved..

Still Image

It is possible to check with a still image against the current video. The input video and memorized still image can be compared on the screen.

Hyper Image Enhancer

By controlling the chromaticity, luminance, and edge enhancement of a specific color space, the MLW-2424C-DC is able to improve the reproduction of difficult areas within a picture.

No Vent Structure

This monitor is cooled by air convection without vents and fans which allows easy cleaning.