Instability Repair

Bankart repair

Arthroscopic Bankart repair gained popularity since it began almost 30 years ago because of improved arthroscopic equipment and increased experience of surgeons. Compared with open Bankart repair, arthroscopic Bankart repair gives the potential advantages of smaller skin incisions, shorter surgical times, less postoperative pain, decreased blood loss, decreased narcotic usage, decreased rates of complications, and improved shoulder motion.

Pearls for successful execution of an arthroscopic Bankart repair include precise portal placement and adequate mobilization of the capsulolabral sleeve so that it can be placed onto the face of the glenoid in an anatomic position. Preparation of the glenoid is also important. Sufficient burring of the anterior glenoid generates healthy bleeding bone to stimulate a healing response. It is also important to use a sufficient number of anchors to create multiple points of fixation and the strongest repair possible.