PEEK Suspensory Fixation Implant

T Button is a PEEK suspensory implant

7 mm Stub diameter for fitting perfectly in Tibial Tunnel

16 mm disc head for securing the Tibial Cortex

1200 Newton load force for strong fixation

Available as open and closed button option

Deployment Video

Surgeons Video

Dr. Neeraj Srivastava
T Button (PEEK Suspensory Fixation Implant)

Dr. Rohan Vakta
All Inside ACL Reconstruction

Product Video

Available Options

PEEK Button Close

Diameter : 16 mm

Hole : 1.4 mm

Stub diameter : 7.50 mm

Stub Length : 6 mm

Loading : 90mm adjustable loop

PEEK Button Open

Diameter : 16 mm

Hole : 1.4 mm

Stub diameter : 7.50 mm

Stub Length : 6 mm

Ordering Information

Product ID Product Name
S23-1600-K T-Button A (PEEK Tibial Button Open, without loop)
S23-0090-C Adjustable Loop 90mm (without button)
S23-1690-K T-Button S (PEEK Tibial Button with Adjustble Loop 90mm)


Product ID Product Name
S25-1200-A Guide wire - 1.2mm (To be used with Ø7mm screw)
S25-2000-A Guide wire - 2mm (To be used with Ø8mm to 11mm screw)
S25-0002-A Tendon stripper - Open
S25-0003-A Tendon stripper - Closed
S25-0004-A Knee probe
S25-0006-A Depth Gauge
S25-0016-A Graft gauge/ Sizing block
S25-0017-A Graft master
S25-0010-A Rasp - Straight
S25-0031-A Rasp - Convex
S25-0032-A Rasp - Half Round
S25-0036-A Curette
S25-0046-A Graft Master with Tensioner
S25-1000-J ACL JIG Complete Set
S25-1000-JT ACL JIG Complete Set(T)
S25-1005-A Femoral Aimer - 5 mm
S25-1006-A Femoral Aimer - 6 mm
S25-1007-A Femoral Aimer - 7 mm
S25-0029-A Passing Pin
S25-240D-A 2.4 mm drill bit
S25-325D-A Spade Tip Drill -3.25mm
S25-250D-A Spade Tip Drill - 4.5mm
S25-1200-A Guidewire 1.2 mm
S25-1500-A Guidewire 1.5 mm
S25-2000-A Guidewire 2.0 mm
S25-2300-A Guidewire 2.3 mm
S25-5000-A Cannulated Tibial 5.0 mm reamer
S25-6000-A Cannulated Tibial 6.0 mm reamer
S25-7000-A Cannulated Tibial 7.0 mm reamer
S25-8000-A Cannulated Tibial 8.0 mm reamer
S25-9000-A Cannulated Tibial 9.0 mm reamer
S25-1000-A Cannulated Tibial 10.0 mm reamer
S25-1100-A Cannulated Tibial 11.0 mm reamer
S25-45FD-A Cannulated Femoral 4.5 mm reamer
S25-500D-A Cannulated Femoral 5.0 mm reamer
S25-600D-A Cannulated Femoral 6.0 mm reamer
S25-700D-A Cannulated Femoral 7.0 mm reamer
S25-750D-A Cannulated Femoral 7.5 mm reamer
S25-800D-A Cannulated Femoral 8.0 mm reamer
S25-850D-A Cannulated Femoral 8.5 mm reamer
S25-900D-A Cannulated Femoral 9.0 mm reamer